5th International Symposium PHiDAC 2019 [24-25/10/2019, Nis, Serbia] Call for papers

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Τρίτη 02.4.2019

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Nis is extending you an invitation to take part in a scientific meeting:

for students of doctoral studies in the fields of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Protection

which will be held from 24 to 25 October 2019.

The deadline for submission of final papers until 01 October 2019.

This symposium is intended as a forum for doctoral students in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Protection to have an opportunity to present the results of their scientific research.

Conversely, the role of the Scientific Committee members is to analyse and discuss the results made available and offer suggestions with the aim of providing support to the future research carried out by students of doctoral studies.

The Symposium provides an opportunity to students of doctoral studies to get acquainted with the research methods and the system of education of different countries and universities.

The members of the Scientific Committee will review all the papers made available, and those which are accepted will be published in the proceedings. For the duration of the gathering, the authors will be presenting their papers within individual sessions of the Symposium. Their presentations will be followed by discussions and suggestions of the Scientific Committee members as well as other participants.

Furthermore, the official program includes presentations of scientific books, lectures by esteemed scientists as well as 'round tables' on current and popular topics.

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