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Saturday 26.5.2018

University of Genoa
Polytechnic School of Engineering and Architecture
Architecture and Design Department
Cts_ ColourLab
Sradone Sant'Agostino, 37

In a world of superficial and distracted tourism focused on taking pictures more than perceiving and
understanding the place, the drawing, which requires concentration, time and capacity for synthesis, is an
effective means of getting to know a space and for its subsequent communication.
The drawing, in fact, a primary tool of recollection: starting from this statement, the aim of the DRAWING
THE ANCIENT - TOOLS FOR THE FUTURE Workshop is to create a series of sketches of the Acropolis of
Athens and of the finds kept inside the Museum of Acropolis.
During the workshop, both traditional drawing tools and digital applications will be used to create hybrid
images and to develop new visual languages.
After an introductory lecture on the topics covered, the student will have the opportunity to visit the
Acropolis and its Museum and will be free to create a series of sketches.
Professors and Scientific tutors: Gulia Pellegri_Michela Scaglione_Francesca Salvetti_Sara Eriche
Siteweb drawing activties:
Monday 4 June 2018
9.00 Registration at the Acropolis Museum
(Acropolis Museum, 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens 11742)
10.00 Entrance to the Acropolis and start of drawing activities
19.00 End of the day
Tuesday 5 June 2018
9.00 am Start of work at the Acropolis Museum
7.00 pm End of the day
Wednesday 6 June 2018
9.00 am Start of work
1.00 pm End of the day
Recognition of training credits for the participants.
It is necessary to bring your university card for entry to the archaeological sites.

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