Structural mechanics 3

3rd Semester
Course Code: 
Compulsory Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. IV
Course Format: 
Theory - Exercise

Design of typical bearing elements of reinforced concrete structures subjected to static and seismic loads. Detailed reference to the behavior and the required reinforcement of solid slabs for safe load transfer and diaphragmatic action. Behavior and characteristics of other types of reinforced concrete slabs, i.e. flat slabs and waffle slabs, and criteria according to which the appropriate type of slab should be chosen so as to meet the static requirements. Basic principles for designing the support of reinforced concrete stairs. Dimensioning and reinforcement of beams, columns and structural walls, with particular emphasis on structural detailing, e.g. anchorage of reinforcement.  Inappropriate detailing practices used in older reinforced concrete structures compared to respective detailing in modern codes.  Calculation of material quantities, i.e. steel and concrete, in typical reinforced concrete bearing elements. Basic principles that should be considered for the appropriate seismic structural design of a building. Distinction between frame and wall load bearing systems. Basic guidelines for pre-dimensioning. Representation of structural elements and reinforcement on structural drawings.  Introduction to the basic concepts of pre- and post- tensioning in reinforced concrete structures.