Introduction to Architectural Synthesis 1

1st Semester
Course Code: 
Compulsory Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. Ι
Course Format: 
Design - Theory
The Introduction to Architectural Synthesis 1 is offered in the 1st and 2nd semesters of study at the School of Architecture of the NTUA, as a single unit, aiming to bring students into contact with the problems of Architectural Synthesis, which are at the core of the curriculum. The course introduces the fundamental concepts of architecture: the basic elements of space, the geometry, the notion of a basic spatial vocabulary, and its meaning, as well as the basic means and techniques of representation. The introductory character of the course is based on a series of issues of gradual complexity, in which the various parameters involved in spatial planning are introduced. Hence, it is initially intended to address design problems with requirements that are limited in number and simple in complexity. The approach includes the conception, exploration, formulation, processing, refinement, and presentation of an idea. Finally, basic concepts like movement, light, scale and proportion, materiality and construction are introduced, and the first systematic attempts of architectural synthesis aiming at designing spaces for the activities of life, are explored.