Ancient Art in Athenian Museums

7th Semester
Course Code: 
Compulsory Course
Teaching Hours: 
Dept. Ι
Dept. II
Course Format: 
Theory - Exercise

The museum landscape of the wider Athens area provides abundant material for the study of ancient art in direct contact with the artworks themselves. Based on the knowledge gained in compulsory courses of History and Theory, we seek in this advanced course to critically approach the multiple meanings of selected works of ancient Greek and Roman art (mainly sculpture) as historical sources, means of sociopolitical action, aesthetic objects, technical achievements and museum exhibits. The course includes introductory lectures by the team of instructors, visits in museums and archaeological sites, oral presentations by students and common discussion. At the end of the semester, a written essay will be submitted by students, which will include an analysis of a particular work, museological critique of its existing exhibition and a new museological proposal. Evaluation will be based on this written paper and on final written examination.


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