Dimitra Nikolaou

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Associate Professor, School of Architecture, N.T.U.A, Greece 

M.Sc. Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, U.C.L., Architect A.U.TH.

5 DOXAPATRI ST., ATHENS 114 71,GREECE,           dnikolaou@arch.ntua.grwww.dn-arch.com


PLACE OF BIRTH:  Corinth, Greece


Graduated in Corinth, Greece, High School

Studies in Architecture, A.U.T.H. Diploma in Architecture

Post Graduate Studies in Architecture, Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College London, Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Studies

LANGUAGES: Greek, English, French.



Visiting Academic, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus


Teaching in the Postgraduate program: Reuse of buildings and complexes, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece


Associate Professor, School of Architecture, N.T.U.A, Greece 

Teaching fields: Architectural Design, Theory and Design of Buildings and Urban conservation


During my job carrier as a practice architect, I have developed a body of work that demonstrates aspects of my professional field, I reflect upon the nature of that critical aspects within a framework of research into what actually I do when I design.

As a result of this critical way of thinking is the recent paper with the title TOMES _Sections, where the project analysis is using the cross-section design, as one of the main tools of the architectural composition and as accumulation of information for the spatial organization.  

This analysis is based on my personal ideology for the architecture, as this was built progressively through years with the architectural practice and mainly was shaped through the experience of teaching.  This paper was presented in an open lecture In Athens, Greece, after the invitation of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture.

My postgraduate studies  in Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, in London and the decisive importance of Bill Hillier’s arguments for a syntactic approach of architecture, according to the systematic method of analysis and  interpretation of space, based on the “Space Syntax” ,also,  influenced my thought, for a structural approach and interpretation of space and form and the meaning in the architectural composition.  

Questions as, the social consequences of architectural planning, the relation between parts and the whole and the belief that the design proposals determine territorial relations and interrelations between the elements of architectural work that produce.

Furthermore, my particular interest of research is based on the above-mentioned postgraduate studies such as  the use of methods of territorial analysis in the cases of re-designing urban places, the research of the relation between the strategic choices of re-designing and in the social repercussions of this choices, the building’s and urban conservation.

Using this methodological tool, I have examined many urban intervention’s proposals, among them the urban innervations in West Berlin by IBA:” Intervention Proposal for Friedrihstaadt in comparison with the historic urban structure.



During the current academic year, this person is a tutor in the following courses:

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Postgraduate Programme "Architecture - Spatial Design" - Division A: "Architectural Design - Space - Culture"