Architectural footprints of industrial archaeology in Lavrion/from documentation to reuse

G. Tsilis
National Technical University of Athens/School of Architecture
Έτος Έκδοσης: 

N.T.U.A.’s attempt to revive the industrial complex of the Lavrion French Mining Company through the new use as a Technological Cultural Park, dictated the need for recording, documentation and evaluation of its building structures
In this issue we present the work performed under two NTUA research programs, which involves surveying, documentation, constructional analysis, assessment and evaluation of the former FLMC building structures.
The first stage lasted three months and was completed in June 1995. In the second stage a more extended and deeper architectural research and analysis of the buildings was completed.
These programs were conducted by N.T.U.A. ‘s Architectural Technology Research Unit, under the academic supervision of Panos Touliatos, Architect NTUA Professor.
The names of all the researchers – teaching staff and students – that participated in these programs and mentioned in the following texts.
Also, in every building description text there is a mention of the architects that made the rehabilitation projects, in a later phase.