Special Topics In History And Theory 5

5th Semester
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Elective Course
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The subject of the course is the history of European Architecture during the so called ""long"" nineteenth century (1750 – beginnings of the 20th century), Architecture is thematized in its dual role during this long transitional state of the European civilization: either as a passive receptor of the various socio-political messages of the time which it reflected in built work or as an activator of change with a decisive impact upon its current historical reality, thus ascertaining its role as an autonomous discipline possessing both theory and practice.

The course will not be taught during the current academic year

The art in Florence of the 15th century (painting, sculpture and architecture). Art and architecture of the the last 25 years of the 16th century, the Renaisance in Florence and in Rome. The most famous artists and architects, the important artworks, the relationships with the creations of Greek and Roman antiquity.