Special Topics In Theory Of Architecture 8

8th Semester
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Elective Course
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Art (painting, sculpture, installations, performative practices) after 1945. The influence of significant figures of post-war avant-garde. Art after the end of Worl War II in Europe and the United States. American Abstract Expressionism and European Realism. The “Generation of the Thirties” and the activities of its members in Greece after World War II. Pop art, environments and performances in the 1960s to 1980s and their European forms. The “Generation of the Eighties” in Greece: Abstraction, Representationalism. Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Body Art.


The course will not be taught during the current academic year

The course introduces and implements a productive approach to design and construction using algorithmic techniques. Shape grammars are one of the first, and remain one of the few, computational systems that are fully visual instead of symbolic or numeric. They offer an apparatus that remains distinct from other computational approaches and tools, providing a powerful tool for analysis and synthesis, for exploring the design process and for producing designs.