Special Topics In Urban Planning 8

8th Semester
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Elective Course
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This module turns its interest to the European city, as an important phenomenon of the European culture and as the main focal point of human activities in the present and in the future, at the same time even as the development space of important problems which occupy humans and demand direct planning actions and interventions on urban space. The module touches, between others, the units that follow: • The importance of cities’ urban cores. Centres as a fundamental social space. • New urban sites. Creative management and cultural heritage protection. • Urban planning for the public space.


  • Maria Markou, Assistant Professor (Συντονίστρια)

Introduction to the fundamental units of urban planning (Urban Planning, land uses).Basic concepts of environmental law. Article 24 of the Constitution. Environmental permitting, Natura, forests, urban green, Strategic Study of Environmental Impacts.