Special Topics In Urban Planning 9

9th Semester
Course Code: 
Elective Course
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Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital analysis systems in regional planning and in the organisation of urban units. New analysis methods of land uses and space-economics morphs on an urban and planning level


The subject of the course is the New Building Regulations. Firstly, the course clarifies basic definitions: e.g. court, overdraft space, balcony, moving constructions, prefabricated structures. Τhen, it analyzes the basic concepts of construction: use of building, completeness, ability to build a plot, building coefficient, coefficient of volume, arbitrary construction, building permit, green roofs, motives for minimum energy consumption buildings, as well as motives for the environmental improvement and improvement of quality of life in densely populated and urban areas.

The course will not be taught during the current academic year